Fake it till you make it

Earlier this year I did a rapid prototyping session at Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco and then Web 09 in Auckland.

Later this year in October, I’ll be presenting it at Web Directions in Sydney.

The session is a condensed version of my workshop. Essentially, it’s the workshop without the hands-on work part.

I’ve gotten an awesome response to it and I’m hoping more people pick up this technique, because it’s been so extraordinarily effective for us at Xero.

Below are the slides from my session. It won’t make as much sense without having been to the session, but lots of people have asked me to share it. Read this post on agile design for a more detailed description of our process at Xero.

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  1.  Ben | 16 July 2009 @ 6:05 am

    Hey, I think this is great. I’m really stoked about the idea. I really wish I had this last year when I created a ton of UI stuff. I’m wondering if you think this is a viable method for prototyping out a corporate marketing type of site as opposed to a web application? Have you had any past success with it in this specific application? I’d love to go to one of your workshops, are you planning any in the U.S.? Was the Web2.0 Expo caught on film, I’d love to see it. Sorry for all the questions.

    Thanks and kudos. I’ll probably checkout your download too.