Online platform for creative project planning.
Investor & Advisor since 2016
Advising on all aspects of the business, product and marketing.
Eco surfboards designed and manufactured in New Zealand.
Investor & Advisor since 2017
Advising on marketing and investor strategy.
Online platform for early childhood education.
Investor & Advisor since 2012
Advising on all aspects of business, product and marketing.
Online platform for digital design and prototyping.
Investor & Advisor since 2014
Advising on product, marketing and investor strategy.
Online platform for geo mapping.
Advisor 2016-2017
Advising on product, marketing and investor strategy.
Online platform for managing accounting firms.
Advisor 2016
Advising on user research and marketing.
Video tech for VR & AR holograms.
Advisor 2016
Advising on product and marketing.


Advising Startups. Mentoring Designers.

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Philip Fierlinger
I’m Philip Fierlinger, Co-founder of Upstock, a digital marketplace and ecommerce platform for foodservice, on a mission to remove friction and waste from the global supply chain.

Previously, I co-founded Xero (case study) where I was Head of Design for nearly 10 years. My career spans over 25 years, starting with my first client the Beastie Boys (case study) in 1995. Prior to that, in my final year of university I got an internship with General Magic (case study) "the most important startup you've never heard of".

I work with startup entrepreneurs and designers who are on a mission to create products people love.

I’m dedicated to nurturing the talent pool of designers and quality of startups in New Zealand.

Here’s what I can offer:

For Startups

  • Product strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Team strategy
  • Investor strategy

For Designers

  • Skill development
  • Portfolio development
  • Career development

Interviews & presentations

Let's connect

I’m always happy to connect with people doing interested work. Please get in touch.