Moving pictures

Video is a superb way of demonstrating the beauty of Xero.

Done well, video can quickly and easily explain complex ideas. Done very well, it also makes an emotional connection.

Whether it's a product demo, a customer case study, or a how-to tutorial—there are so many powerful ways to get the point across with video.
As part of the design team, we built up a number of specialized video design and production teams. Some were focused on shooting location footage with customers or at events, while others were focused on animation and how-to tutorials.

I led our video strategy, video production, design, scriptwriting, and for a long time I was the voice of Xero—narrating dozens of videos.
One of our first promo videos. The idea was to show the magic of Xero with enough quirky humor to get your attention and make you smile.

All the actors were Xero staff.

I created the concept, wrote the script, helped direct the shoot, produced the soundtrack, and did the voice-over.
Once we had some budget, we called Hollywood. We approached Adam Lisagor at Sandwich Video to help us make several of our follow-up videos.

With all of the Sandwich videos, I created the concept and co-wrote the script.
Hearing how and why customers love Xero—in their own words—is incredibly inspiring.

But we always made sure that the hero of the story is the customer, Xero just helps them do what they love.
Our tutorial videos don't just explain how the software works, they also help you understand how to run a successful business.

We spent a lot of time and effort developing an illustration style, an animation style and a narration style that's simple, helpful and beautiful.
Not your typical accounting conference, Xero events are much more like a major tech conference—where major tech announcements are made that grab global headlines, where a community of fans gathers to see the latest breakthroughs and learn from the stars of the industry, culminating in a gala awards ceremony.
Our videos aimed at accountants were very effective in converting them to a radically better way of managing clients.
Recruiting people to work at what some perceived to be an "accounting company" required us to work hard to dispel the myth that what we do is boring and conservative.

We wanted to attract smart, passionate and compassionate people to join in the fun of creating Xero and changing the way business works.
When we moved into our new headquarters we wanted to have some fun documenting the experience and getting other people to join the fun.
This is the first promo video we ever made with Sandwich Video. It was a great way to show the magic of Xero.

The accountant "Charles" was such a hit that he became a recurring character.
When it was time to update our promo video with some new features, we went back to Adam Lisagor and the team at Sandwich for another magical video.
We also needed a promo video for the accountants and bookkeepers audience. To help us show the power and impact of Xero from their perspective, so once again we enlisted Sandwich.

Xero TV

As our video collection grew into the hundreds, we needed a way for people to easily browse and find the videos they needed.

Xero TV leveraged the Vimeo API to deliver what was essentially a video content management system, custom designed for our needs.